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Bonnie Brae Polo Classic 2015

c/o Event Producer

Ensemble Events

P.O.  Box 393

Quakertown, NJ 08868-0393

(908) 713-POLO

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City ________________________   State _________

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we are unable to attend the June 13, 2015 Polo Classic,
but wish to make a contribution to Bonnie Brae $__________________


Total Payment (include all totals from all pages) $_________________

NOTE: NO REFUNDS Match will be played in dry conditions or light rain in a modified fashion so as not to endanger players, horses or guests. In the event of extreme inclement weather, the match will be held on June 14th. If field conditions make the game unsafe to play for horses and riders on both days, no refunds will be made.

Please make checks payable to Bonnie Brae

Your cancelled check will serve as receipt For information call (908) 713-POLO




Polo Reservation Categories

South Field. Enter Gate 2: 



Diamond Horseshoe Sponsor ($xx tax deductible) 
SOUTH FIELD center slot, 15x15 tent, (6) VIP Champagne Tent wristbands, (6) chairs, (1) 8' table, corporate name in VIP tent, sign with corporate name at tailgate slot & listing on poster, press releases & full page ad in event program, as print deadlines allow.  Includes preferred field side parking for one car.


Platinum Horseshoe Patron ($xx tax deductible) 
SOUTH FIELD Fifteen foot wide slot for tailgating. Preferred parking for one car, (6) VIP Champagne Tent wristbands,  (6) white chairs, and (1) 8' table. 


Additional Guest VIP Champagne Tent Wristbands:  
Must purchase by May 22. Only available for those purchasing SOUTH FIELD slots.  Champagne Tent wristbands will not be issued the day of the match.


North Field. Enter Gate 1:


Golden Horseshoe Patron ($90 tax deductible)
Twelve (12) foot center field tailgate slot on the North side of the field.  Six (6) Advance Sale General Admission tickets.  Field side parking for 1 car.


Silver Horseshoe Patron ($60 tax deductible) 
Twelve foot tailgate slot on the North side of the field. Four (4) Advance Sale General Admission tickets.  Field side parking for one car.


General Admission Ticket

General Admission to the event for one guest.  Includes off-field parking.  Children under 12 are FREE.  Designated field side view of match. Tickets can be purchased in advance for $35.  Tickets sold at the gate on the day of the event will be $50. 

           ** Children under 12 are admitted Free
** Last Day to reserve tailgates - Thursday, May 22 - all payments must be received by then.